Within the Video Vault we have researched and selected a series of informational and educational videos on topics such as behavioral improvement, emotional intelligence and video’s supporting equality and gender rights. Our goal is to continuously research and explore the human condition by presenting various videos, articles, visitor views and blogs. By sharing such content we hope to inform, educate and develop healthier behaviours in society and communities committed to gender equality, race, religion, political systems and the freedom of expression in so much that it brings no harm to others.

Why is this important to us?

The Change Evolution Academy understands and trains for win-win situations where people are empowered with a sense of ownership from the outset. We provide the information contained here so you get to choose your level of interest, to be informed, to educate yourself, to challenge your thinking and perhaps provide new ways of looking at the world from both a man or women’s perspective.

The Riddle of Purpose. 

If I’m not using the best of what I’ve learnt what use am I?

“For me education is the enemy of manipulation, but only when one takes ownership for being aware and informed. Knowledge alone however does not define me except when I use what I know in the pursuit of making an authentic contribution to more than me alone.”

Peter Jones

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