community-iconThe HR Change Leadership Programme (HRCLP) empowers HR Management, executives, team leaders and project managers to master the full spectrum of HR Change Leadership skills which today’s HR world demands. The HRCLP has been developed in response to the ever increasing demands for the HR industry to align itself with real world business needs in the 21st century. The programme is a practical approach to HR issues and demands and was developed from the highly successful “Innovation Management Training Programme” (IMTP) developing real life behavioral competences introducing a comprehensive range of proven working methods and techniques.

IMTP Group analysis

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The HR Change Leadership Program benefits people and their organizations that wish to introduce or improve:

  • Coaching skills for HR Managers and executives, team leaders and managers who wish to lead effectively within HR situations and people development
  • Authentic approaches to team development and team facilitation
  • Constructive criticism and dealing professionally with difficult situations
  • Systematic approaches to resolving issues faced by HR, achieving results and planning concrete actions
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Monitoring of HR communication and processes, including the supervision of working groups.

The original IMTP and Change Leadership Program was developed by The Motiv Innovation Network Group and has been running successfully for over 10 years ©

The Change Evolution Academy trainers and coaches along with all of our training partners are certified IMTP trainers & coaches