For Business and Society


Our Gender Awareness Workshops are based on the existing “Discovery Workshop” process and applied to establishing a greater understanding of issues faced by women and men in society today.


These issues and potential opportunities are designed to address the following areas:


  • Professional environments
  • Communities
  • School’s
  • Families
  • Individuals with regard to gender awareness.
  • Workshops are divided into two groups of men and women where each group will discover their own perspectives
  • The second workshop will work with the outputs from the workshops with a view to collective thinking and solutions

Workshop goals


By the end of this workshop you will have identified gender issues facing you today. You will have begun to re-frame your gender and its relationship to the female/male gender with a view to greater cooperation and equality including the setting of mutually beneficial concrete goals and actions towards equality. You will be able to identify core resources and gender critical threats and opportunities within your personal and professional life to enable and empower tactical and strategic participants and partners without which your life, goal’s and or actions depend. This will enable you to create and implement concrete gender equality goals and actions as part of a universal approach to delivering outstanding measurable results. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to deliver a practical approach able to adapt organically to real world gender needs and demands both personally and professionally.