community-iconChange Evolution’s Gender Awareness Programme for HR Professionals, is designed to attract the very leaders responsible for driving gender equality within their organisations. Our Gender Awareness Programme and Workshops (GAP) provide a challenging opportunity for women and men wishing to develop healthy behaviour’s that support and endorse gender equality on all levels both personally and professionally. GAP workshops are action-based, participants are constantly interacting with their peers and colleagues. At the same time, essential space is given to self-reflection and the ongoing development of self-awareness. This together with peer and trainer feedback leads to personal self-development, greater gender awareness, interaction and improves the capacity for personal change leadership.



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  • Gender Awareness HR Workshops are designed to practically support HR professionals in crystalizing their thought and behavioural processes as a gender committed to gender equality.
  • As leaders, this in turn removes the fear of having to have the “right answer” immediately to hand.
  • Our goal is to look towards HR as protagonists for change and as such all have one very important common interest, “Equality for all”, in other words men and women are treated fairly.
  • GAP workshops are designed to train, coach and mentor HR professionals interested in personal and professional development specifically in the areas of:
    • Effective communication
    • A focus on team work
    • Conflict awareness and how to respond appropriately
    • The development of a “Change Leadership Mindset”.
    • We encourage participants to focus on areas of their life where effective communication is important to them where they would like to set concrete goals and actions to achieve greater well-being.

The Gender Awareness Programme for HR Professionals Training & Coaching include:


  • Providing HR Professionals a “Discovery Workshop”  environment to empower and enable participants to begin the strategic and tactical transition towards equality within their organisations.
  • We challenge you with regard to systems thinking on the social organisational level and help you to discover the true cost of inequality so you can reveal your own business case for greater diversity.
  • As such we encourage debate and empowerment of all views both personal and professional.
  • Our expectation of HR participants is that their commitment to equality is implicit even if they have what might be perceived as controversial views or opinions regarding gender equality.

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