At the heart of the Change Evolution Academy lives the why we are committed to delivering innovative behavioral performance training and coaching. Our why is simple, in order to achieve sustainable practices within organizations and business, we must by definition be committed to developing and delivering training and coaching that empowers sustainable behaviors.


The Core

Behavioral performance, unless you are a completely mechanized business, lays at the very core of an organizations success or failure. Behavioral performance is the one key factor that continues to go unchecked leaving leaders, managers and HR powerless to effect change.

The Opportunity

Without an opportunity for behavioral improvement, strategies, goals, and deliverables will be difficult to implement adding additional time and cost, in turn running the risk of potentially losing credibility internally and externally, or time to market. Critical touch points of almost every step within an organization require human interaction on one level or another. It’s in these critical and often underestimated human touch points that success or failure is driven due by behaviors and a willing commitment to work as a team by every individual.

So how do we do it?

We do this with a series of workshops which include our accelerated kick off workshop we call “The Discovery Workshop” Our Discovery Workshops are by far one of the fastest ways to analyze in one-day, current issues and opportunities of your organisation or business – so you set the course for comprehensive performance improvement.

But, there’s a catch!
The catch is getting individuals, teams and entire local and global organizations to work together. This is where our training strategies and courses provide the “what” we do is to ensure we play our role in providing you and your teams safe but challenging environments and scenarios. The Change Evolution Academy is made up of certified trainers and coaches all of which are members of the Motiv Innovation Network Group ©.  As such our training and coaching solutions are taken from a 10-year pedigree providing Innovation Management Training Programme as part of a certified train the trainer course.
Our expertise

We apply our expertise to stretch behavioral performance beyond simply a process view. Our approach is to actively engage with the reality of your current situation and develop new perspectives, a willingness to change and a practical plan of action to deliver concrete results.

One day workshop

During our one-day workshop, you will walk with us along the current issues facing your organization or business from the ground up and leadership down to meet and develop concrete strategies for current and future challenges.

Common themes that come up in the discovery process include but are not limited to:

The Discovery Workshop:

  • Gain a deep insight into the current state and prospects of your business and provide a comprehensive performance improvement.
  • The development of current and future business opportunities
  • Address core issues both known and not yet fully realized due to disconnects and cultural differences within the organization
  • Developing greater ownership in order to optimize team collaboration
  • Overcoming conflict in teams and between individuals
  • Initiate change and innovation processes towards creating a sustainable business.


Example target groups


  • Executives
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Organisational stakeholders


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